Wednesday 23 September 2020
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From the off it’s historically inaccurate. Lincoln doesn’t kill any vampires nor does he travel into the future with Bill & Ted in order to help them pass their history exam. Instead we get an hour and fifty minutes of him yapping on about equality and freeing slaves from the evil clutches of Monsieur Calvin Candie.

Spielberg, still suffering post traumatic stress after the diabolical War Horse portrays old Abe as a living saint who at any given moment could sprout angel wings and ascend into heaven. His claim that it is a work of “historical fiction”is merely a smokescreen to hide the numerous inaccuracies. In reality Mary Todd Lincoln had a third nipple, General Ulysses Grant didn’t like cheese sandwiches and Robert Lincoln’s moustache curled down, rather than up.

That being said what the film does get right on the money is the undisputed fact that a bunch of rich white men ended slavery. The years of campaigning and pressure from African Americans, The American Anti-slavery Society and various women’s movements had absolutely NO bearing on events. It was Lincoln, his Republican henchmen and the Democrats he bribed who won the prize and you’d be a fool and a Communist to suggest otherwise.

Still it’s good to see James Spader is having seconds of pudding these days and Daniel Day -Lewis looks exactly like Daniel Day-Lewis in an Abraham Lincoln costume. All in all a dawdling Sunday afternoon yarn that you shouldn’t watch whilst operating heavy machinery.
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