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PARIS – Following the critical and commercial success of Tom Hooper’s cinematic adaptation of Les Misérables, Working Title Films have announced that they are developing a prequel, tentatively entitled Jean Valjean Begins.

The official synopsis reads:

Valjean and Javert are schoolboys together and best of friends in revolution-racked Paris. They lose touch due to arguments about the best way to sing even the most ordinary of sentences and Javert’s unrequited love for Valjean’s constantly pregnant sister (Renee Zellweger). Years later, when Valjean goes on a madcap bread-stealing spree for his sister’s children, their paths cross again as they pursue each other hilariously through the shit-strewn sewers of Paris.

oh God no!

Tom Hooper has said he is interested in returning, and some of the original cast may also come back, but Hugh Jackman has made it clear that he will not be playing the main role. 

It’s ridiculous. Why would anyone want to make a prequel. I mean, the original is an award-winning musical based on a novel by Victor Hugo; how are you going to compete with that?

 New songs will be provided by Elton John and Tim Rice, including titles which look set to be classics, such as: ‘The Life of a Policeman (is a very jolly thing)’ and ‘Steal me some bread dear brother (Really? What’s the Big Deal?)’.

We will give you all the Jean Valjean Begins news as it arrives.

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