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HOLLYWOOD – For his next movie, Leonardo DiCaprio promises memes, memes and more memes.

As we sat down to talk about his next movie project, Leonardo DiCaprio had one thought on his mind: memes. He told me:

I used to get annoyed. I’d spend all my time getting into a role, learning the script, nailing the character. And once it was over, it would all just end up as a stupid gif or meme or whatever on the internet. At first I wasn’t even aware of it. I mean I have a twitter account and all that but I let someone else take care of it. All I do is tell them to put something up about the climate or oceans now and then.

So when did you find out?

Last year, I was bored and we were waiting for Brad to come out of the salon. He was getting a Brazilian I think. Not a model. I mean the crotch shave thing. So I start looking through twitter and what do you know. If I’m not raising a glass as Gatsby I’m raising it as Calvin Candie.  Or I’m the Wolf of Wall Street throwing money around or dancing or something. I thought that film was one of the best things I’d done and there I was reduced to a couple of seconds of silliness to help Deidre69 express her delight at going out on a Saturday night.

So from this to a movie?

Absolutely. If I can’t beat them, I’ve got to join them. The movie is going to be divided into 3000 20 second moments. Some might be a little longer, some a little shorter. Each one of which will express an emotion that you can easily share. Delight, surprise, smug agreement, the feeling you get while you watch your favorite dog drown and you want to save him but gee the water looks cold and you’re wearing suede.

That’s quite specific. 

That’s the beauty of it. They’re all really specific. And the good news is I’m teaming up with Kate Winslet so I can paint her like one of my French girls.

Meme The Motion Picture will be available in 2021.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing article. I wish I saw how these things pop up or how we as a whole aggregately concluded that Rick Dalton would have been our new source of comedy.

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