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HOLLYWOOD – Leonardo diCaprio is to follow up his Oscar winning role in The Revenant with his most physically demanding role yet.

The Revenant featured ice cold river dips, bear attacks, post-mortem horse saunas and sub-zero temperatures, but word has it that Leonardo diCaprio’s new role is even more hardcore. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Leonardo diCaprio spoke about just how far he is willing to go in the pursuit of that difficult second Oscar that has so far eluded him for his entire career:

It’s crazy when Martin Scorsese sent me over the script, I really didn’t want to know about it. I wasn’t ready physically or mentally to take on anything, but when Marty calls you have to at least answer, so I sat down and read the script.

So it’s pretty hardcore?

Oh, I’ll say. I play a middle aged man. I work in advertising in the city. I’m happily married and I have two young kids.

Okay and so what happens? Terrorists attack? There’s an earthquake? You go on holiday to Europe?

No. What happens is everything is okay and we’re all really happy and then one night I have to go to the bathroom – that is my character Ralph has to, but you can see I’m already neck deep in preparation. Anyway, he doesn’t put his slippers on, it’s June so it isn’t cold and as he walks across the hall he steps on a piece of Lego with his bare feet.

Jesus Christ!

I know.

How are you going to film that?

Well at first we thought of CGI and then there was this idea of using a squishy piece of Lego so it wouldn’t hurt, but in the end we’re just going to have to go method on the motherf*cker.

What pushes you to such limits of realism? You’re a famous movie star; you have your Oscar. Why do it?

I’m committed to my craft what can I say. The scene is the central moment of the whole piece and so I feel that it would be to rob the audience of the genuine heart of thwe story if we resorted to trickery.

The Man Who Stepped On Lego Piece in His Bare Feet in the Middle of the Night starts filming in June.

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