HOLLYWOOD – Leonardo diCaprio has put his extremely small Malibu mansion on the market with a listing of $56 million.

Leonardo diCaprio bought the house following his success in the film Titanic and it has long been associated with crazy parties featuring the A-list of Hollywood stars and celebrities hanging out. A neighbor spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

When Leo moved in he had only just begun to come to prominence and so he could walk down the street and we’d see him in the grocery store on a Sunday buying eggs and cucumbers, but with fame it was strange to see how he changed. Loud music at all hours and the sound of wild animals like hyenas and tigers roaring. Late at night we could hear whale song as well. And this on a school night. It comes as no surprise to me that he has decided that the house is too small. I mean, if you look at the house it’s kind of obvious that a normal sized person just can’t fit in there.

Although the asking price reflects the deluxe lifestyle of the area, many believe the price is way too high. Hollywood realtor Jersey Fanamel disagrees, telling the Studio Exec:

Leo’s house is a part of Hollywood history. In the immediate postwar there was a real backlash against extravagant movie star lifestyle, and so many purchased these mini-houses as a way of showing how humble they were. In reality no one ever lived in them. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall had a house that was only 3 square meters. In the nineties however the market for these houses as curiosity pieces suddenly exploded and it became very chic not only to own one but to actually live in it. Tom Cruise has a series of them and he sleeps in a different one every night.

Anyone wishing to contact Leonardo diCaprio to make an offer should write him an email at StudioExec1@gmail.com and we will forward it to him.

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