HOLLYWOOD – Actor and master swordsman Leonardo DiCaprio confirmed this morning that he has signed up to play legendary rapper Vanilla Ice in Curtis Hanson’supcoming biopic.

“I’ve always been a fan of Vanilla’s music,” said an excited DiCaprio:

In fact my party piece is my ability to recite ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ word for word. The last time I did it was at Ernest Borgnine’s funeral. Man that was a great party. Downey Jnr put on the old shoe polish and did ‘White Lines’. That went down a storm and although I was pretty smashed, I swear I saw Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta doing a duet on ‘Rapper Delight’.

DiCaprio also revealed that in order to do the role justice he is currently residing at Vanilla’s address trying to learn his speech patterns and mannerisms.

It’s a bit cramped in the basement but Ice let me have the top bunk which was kind of him. Sometimes his mother comes down and asks us to stop smoking weed but that’s fine. It’s her house so you have to respect her rules.

Asked what himself and Vanilla do on an average day, DiCaprio seemed sketchy.

Well, we have some cereal and usually some juice. Then we smoke a joint and play some Playstation, have a couple of bongs and then hit the box-sets. We’re on season four of Breaking Bad. Man, it’s great and Ice really loves it. We’ve been talking about setting up a meth lab in the basement. We’re not going to actually do it but you know, a man needs a dream.

The biopic has yet to secure an official title but DiCaprio revealed that Director Curtis Hanson has a short list.

Personally I like Cool as Ice but for some the title has bad connotations, being the same title as Vanilla’s film which was much derided by critics but I think it’s masterpiece.

So other than that, I think the choices are ‘Slice of Ice‘, Ice and a Slice, ICE, The Ice Man Cometh or Vanilla Sky 2.

The as yet untitled Vanilla Ice biopic is due for release in October 2014
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