HOLLYWOOD – Leonardo diCaprio is one of the hardest working lead film actors in the industry and in the course of the next few months we will see him as a villainous slave owner in Django Unchained, Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby  as well as the whistle blowing stock broker of The Wolf of Wall Street. However, diCpario has revealed that he is going to take a sabbatical and use it to secretly fight crime.

The something something year old actor told Studio Exec that he was worn out and spent. He felt drained, used up, torn off and thrown aside. But he has decided not to use the spare time to pursue some high adrenalin hobby or relax in a bath of Armagnac, but instead to devote himself to roaming the streets and defeating criminals ‘Wherever they prey on the innocent and the weak.’  

People are asking, will I wear a cape and a mask? I mean it’s getting really ridiculous. Yes, of course I’ll wear a cape and a mask. I mean, duh!


DiCaprio revealed that Jonah Hill is going to be his sidekick, using the monicker ‘Pazzo’. Johnny Depp had also expressed an interest but DiCaprio had been very clear in stating that he preferred Johnny Depp to be exactly where he was ‘ruining his reputation with film after film of egregious tripe’. 

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