where eagles dare

 HOLLYWOOD – Shia LaBeouf and Jude Law are set to star in a Len Wiseman remake of the Second World War classic Where Eagles Dare, set to start filming in April 2019.

The action-packed snow-bound reboot will see Shia LaBeouf take the role Shaffer played by Clint Eastwood whereas Jude Law takes on the mantle of Richard Burton as Major Smith.
Len Wiseman ‘director’ says that the film will be an improvement on the original.

It’s like what we did with Clash of the Titans, which was basically a pile of embarrassing crud buckets. We always make a big show of loving the original and blah blah blah but we always and I mean ALWAYS think the original was a crock. Otherwise, why make a new one? Right?

Jude Law also took shots at the original: ‘The acting isn’t up to much. When you think about it, you have a great story and then who do you have as the main character Droney Dicky Burton. Even on a bad day I could shit Richard Burton. And Shia has already proved he’s a thousand times more charismatic than Eastwood.’

What do you think? Is everyone’s favorite Christmas war movie really a load of old piss flaps? Will Shia LaBeouf overtake Clint Eastwood as America’s most iconic leading man? Is Jude Law on drugs?

Where Eagles Dare will be released in 2020.

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  1. This was a classic film. Not sure how this is going to turn out…most remakes these days ie The Thing arent as good as the 80s versions (i know that the Kurt Russell one wasnt the original BUT it was a great film!). They would be better off basing a story on this rather than just a remake.

    1. Yeah, understand, and that observation is very interesting. However, although so many re-makes don’t work out, consider this: the original movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was totally brilliant, and the re-make with Donald Sutherland, was also a brilliant movie. Watch both…they are so close yet so different.

  2. I don’t care who’s in it as long as they say Broadsword calling Danny Boy! at least fifty times. And Anthony Hopkins must be ‘Father McCree’. Then they should do a remake of The Wild Geese with Hopkins in the Richard Harris part, Law as Burton and LaBoeuf as Roger Moore.

  3. Love the idea of Anthony Hopkins as Admiral Rolland. How about Mark Wahlberg as Schaffer and maybe Clive Owen as Major Smith?

  4. My picks for the leads are Daniel Craig (to play Burton’s character) and Mark Valley (who played the lead in the short-lived Human Target series) to play Eastwood’s character. To my mind, these two would be the perfect modern equivalents. I kinda hope the “quotes” from Wiseman and Law are not real. This movie is one of the all-time greats. It would be unfair to judge it by modern standards, but in my opinion, even by modern standards, I still think it comes off awfully well.

  5. 2016 is almost over. Where is the movie???

    I’d also love to know where filming was done.

  6. Poofie boy Shia lebouef more charismatic then Clint you’re having a giraffe surely. ( and don’t call me Shirley ) ha ha

  7. I have to agree with many. The remake won’t be a patch on the original where eagles dare. The chemistry between all the cast was brill even Richard vetoed Clint for the film!! I don’t mind remakes but can’t see this being a classic. Some films need to be left alone for people to enjoy and this is one of them. Ben hur was a prime example of a total crap remake!!!

  8. Oh J**** C****** help us – don’t let especially the likes of “le Bluff” near this legendary historical cinematic gem – don’t remake it – it’s just perfect the way it is !!!

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