Thursday 26 November 2020
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LONDON – Kit Harington has signed up to play loveable historical rogue Edmund Blackadder in a remake of the popular BBC comedy.


Written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, Blackadder Goes East will be set during the Iraq War featuring Edmund as a Captain in the British Army stationed in Bagdad.


The Studio Exec sat down with Curtis to discuss the eagerly awaited show:


Mr Curtis, I suppose the obvious question is why is Rowan Atkinson not returning as Blackadder?


Well, nobody could replace Rowan but Kit Harington is so hot right now.


Nobody could replace Rowan but you’ve replaced him with Kit Harington?


I wouldn’t say replaced, we’ve simply cast a new actor in a role previously played by another actor.


I see. How did Rowan Atkinson take the news?


Oh, I haven’t told him yet. Thanks for reminding me I’ll send him a text after this interview.


Kit is a global superstar thanks to Game of Thrones but we’ve yet to see if he has a flair for comedy. Are you confident he’s the right man for the job?


Absolutely certain.


I take that to mean he smashed the audition?


There was no audition. I haven’t even met him yet but we’ve got a lunch booked in for next Tuesday. A nice fish restaurant in Soho. I’m a big fan of crab.


If there was no audition and you haven’t met him, how can you be so certain he can take on a role like Blackadder?


I’m certain because Netflix have given me 10 million pounds to make a Blackadder show starring Kit Harrington.


So Netflix wanted him?


Well, I pitched them a new series of Blackadder with another actor in the role but they wouldn’t stump up the budget for him. I never really had a second choice so I was a bit stuck but I’d seen an episode of Game of Thrones the night before and Kit was the first name that popped into my head. Hey presto, they came through with the cash.



That’s very bold. What would you have done if Harington had turned down the role?


I don’t know, I’ll find out when I tell him over lunch. I do hope he likes fish.



Well, good luck with that. Before we end the Interview, who was your first choice for Blackadder. Rowan Atkinson I assume?


Ha. I can see why you’d think that but no. It was Kevin Spacey.



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