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HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino has spoken for the very first time about the real possibility of making Kill Bill: Volume 3, but he has suggested that ‘it will be very short.’

Tarantino speaking at the opening of his new cinema the New Beverly in Los Angeles told the Studio Exec:

I’ve spoken with Uma time and time again about the possibility of bringing back the Bride for a third installment and we’re both very keen. My problem was always how to continue a story with Bill already dead. Then it occurred to me what if the film was like a six minute short rather than a two hour plus feature. We would just have the Bride getting up in the morning, preparing her weapons and getting in her car. Then she’d open up the pad with the names of all the people on the Deadly Vipers death squad that she had to kill. And she’d see all the names crossed off including Bill’s so she’d take her daughter for a picnic instead. The end.

That sounds really dull.

Yeah, I know, but the picnic is going to be Anime style, so that should be good. And I’m going to get RZA to do the soundtrack where they rap what’s actually happening on the screen in an over-literal way the way we did for Django Unchained and which everyone loved.


And I’ll be trying to rescue some careers along the way. Jan Michel Vincent might be on board and I’d like to see what I could do for Mel Gibson, because he’s been having a hell of time of it recently. Maybe he could make the sandwiches for the picnic.

Kill Bill Volume 3 is due to start filming at 3 o’clock today and finish around 7.

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  1. You should make it about bills daughter she should want revenge for urma killing the father years ago and she gets possess by her fathers spirit making her fight as bill even though dead!

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