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HOLLYWOOD – In a move that has shocked the industry, director Gareth Edwards has removed Kiefer Sutherland‘s voice over for Godzilla only a few months before release.

Speaking exclusively to the Studio Exec, the 24 star was stunned at the news:

I thought something was fishy when I saw the trailer last week. There’s a clip of Godzilla with his mouth open and in the original cut my line was ‘Eee by gum! I’m gonna flipping stand on you if you don’t leave me alone’, but instead, in the footage I saw the monster just did this weird growl. I thought they were saving the zingers for the movie you know?

Have you been given an explanation for why you were cut?

I got a call the other night from someone at the studio saying they decided to ‘go another way’ with the character. My worst fear was they were going with their original choice of Ray Romano. It was neck and neck between the two of us in the audition process but my extensive research living with real Japanese nuclear fallout mutants swung it in the end. Plus he did this Japanese accent that’d make Mickey Rooney choke. 

Can you give us an idea of what your take on the character was?

Well it was all there on the page. It was a real journey of self discovery, isolation and eventual spiritual and sexual awakening. The meaty back and forth courtroom dialogue between the monster and Brian Cranston jumped off the page when I first read it and I filled in the gaps with my research and gave the piece as much life as I could. Those scenes are going to look strange now! How will the audience understand that tender scene where he breaks down and talks about what it’s like to live without any functioning genitalia? That monologue alone is the culmination of the themes and it’s where the jury and the audience come to realize what the whole drama has been about. And when Cranston’s character approaches the beast and gently lays his hand on his thigh saying ‘I had no idea you had no junk’ it’ll lose all meaning, with wailing and growling.

Jesus! what a cluster f*ck!

Well, you move on, you know? maybe one day the original cut will come to light and people can make up their own mind. It’s the fact all those songs are now gone too! it just rammed the emotion home when he sings ‘Too damn tall for the ball’, without lyrical context that scene is just reduced to a giant lizard dancing silently through Las Vegas: weird, just weird.

Godzilla will confuse us all in May this year.

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