HOLLYWOOD – We all hate Adam Sandler films but an unemployed electrician from Salt Lake City is actually doing something about it. He’s started a Kickstarter campaign to financially persuade Adam Sandler to stop making films.

Rodney Kaylow, 36, has been frequently upset by how poor Adam Sandler movies are.

‘It’s not that they’re not funny,’ he said. ‘They usually aren’t, but they’re also really mean spirited.’

And so not happy with simply complaining, Mr Kaylow and his girlfriend Jenny have kicked off a Kickstarter campaign which he hopes will raise enough money to effectively bribe Mr Sandler to stay home and read magazines instead of making movies.

‘I understand he makes millions so we’re going to have to raise a lot of money,’ said Mr Kaylow. ‘But wouldn’t it be better if that money was spent and there wasn’t an Adam Sandler movie out every year? Sometimes he makes two. In 2008 he made three. Three Adam Sandler movies! For the love of God!’

Mr Kaylow had no exact figures to hand but he says the support has been overwhelming. ‘But aren’t there more important causes for people to give money to?’ Studio Exec asked. 

‘Oh yeah,’ Mr Kaylow chuckled. ‘I expect they’re will be lots more dying kids in Africa this year but at least we won’t have to walk around wondering if the next one could possibly be worse than Jack and Jill.’

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