LOS ANGLESEY – Following Jim Carrey‘s controversial decision to not promote Kick Ass 2, reaction to his stance from within and without the production has been mixed.

The director, Jeff Wadlow, chose to diplomatically praise Carrey for his unpredictability whereas co-star, Chloe Grace Moretz was much more critical. However the producers of the film have decided to to re-edit the film in such a way as to make Carrey’s character, a vigilante who goes by the moniker, Colonel Stars and Stripes, risible and not in a good way.A source close to the production spoke to the Studio Exec anonymously:

In the first cut of the film, Colonel Stars and Stripes is a great role and Jim plays him really well. And you can see that in the trailer, with a lot of funny lines. But the producers were so mad with Carrey they totally rewrote and then overdubbed all his dialogue. Instead of him cracking wise and saying cool shit, he just keeps burbling on about how bad vaccinations are and comes over like a real blow hard. Oh and the actor doing the voice over is a six year old girl.

Action scenes have also been re-cut and shuffled so that Carrey’s character becomes the recipient of the violent attacks rather then the perpetrator. 
‘They added a lot of really quite disgusting gore, and to be frank I think this whole thing could backfire,’ said our source who’s Mark Millar by the way. 

Kick Ass 2 is released in 2015. 

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