Thursday 26 November 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – After much speculation, Netflix have announced that Kevin Spacey is to step down from his role of Frank Underwood for season four of House of Cards.

“Kevin thought it was time for a change,” said a studio insider.

He’s got several projects in the pipeline and he felt that he couldn’t commit to another season. Obviously we were disappointed but this kind of thing happens all the time in showbiz.

Writer, Beau Willimon, said he considered killing off Frank but he had a change of heart:

I know it would have been easy to write him out of the storyline but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to challenge myself artistically. I went away to my cabin in Montana for two months to rewrite the script but I just ended up drinking Gin and watching endless episodes of Columbo. I couldn’t find a way to make it work so I decided the only option was to create a CGI version of Frank. This would allow Spacey to record his dialogue whenever he has a break in his schedule.

This revolutionary approach has already divided critics with some hailing it as the future of entertainment and others calling it a dangerous precedent. Meanwhile Jude Law, who was famously outed in the tabloid press for being entirely compromised of CGI back in 2013, welcomed the move:

I think it’s time artificial actors are properly recognised and Netflix’s announcement is a massive step forward. This news is up there with Orlando Bloom coming out as CGI earlier this year but there is still a long way to go. Though I hear Damian Lewis is up for the role of 007 so we might finally get our first CGI Bond!

House of Cards season four is due for release in 2016

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