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TEXAS – Kevin Smith – ‘film’ ‘director’ and ‘actor’ – has blown the world of social media to smithereens with his news that he is going to retire after he has finished making Clerks 3. The reaction was instantaneous and almost unanimous. Abelard Haverland wrote in The New York Times: ‘Why can’t he retire before he makes Clerks 3?’
The director first came to prominence twenty years ago with the original Clerks movie, a low key, semi-funny black and white indie Miramax film. Since then his films have ranged from the awful Jersey Girl to the fucking awful Cop Out, with the occasional exception that only goes to annoy everyone more because it proves that Smith is not a complete turd.

Smith recently posted the title page of his screenplay to Clerks 3 commenting that it looks like his best film ever. Coming from someone else this might be dismissed as shameless self-promotion, but from Kevin Smith it’s just evidence that the post was genuinely from Kevin Smith.

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