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HOLLYWOOD – Following the successes of Captain America: Winter Soldier and The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel revealed yesterday that Phase 3 of the plan to take over the Movie universe will lack one ingredient most audiences would have thought essential: superheroes.

Marvel top dog Kevin Feige explained:

All superhero stories are essentially the same and we’ve already retold our ones four or five times. They have the origin bit, discover their powers, are struck by some kind of a dilemma/weakness, perhaps robbed of their power and then learn how to use it properly, destroying a city in the process. We get that. But now we want to go back to the pre-origins story and do that bit. The bit where they don’t have the superpowers at all and what we are left with is just ordinary life.

Wow. Like?

You know, Tony Stark at school, Bruce Banner at college, Thor and Loki in the play pen at an Asgardian kindergarten. Imagine Nick Fury with two eyes!? Amazing.

Sounds great.

And cheap.

Will there be any women superheroes in this phase?



Just nah.

Marvel Phase 3 will begin with Richard Linklater’s 12 years in the making project Avengers 0.1: Boyhood.  

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