MALIBU – Kevin Costner, star of Dances with Wolves and Waterworld, looks set to send tongues a-wagging with his new ‘soft porn’ movie, a remake of his 1981 debut Sizzle Beach USA. The Studio Exec caught up with the laid back star at his Malibu beach house to ask him “what the heck’s going on, for Pete’s sake?”

I’ve always wanted to make a sex film. This one is a remake of one I did a few years back. But the production values weren’t up to much and I didn’t have the stamina that I do today. Every time a project came along I tried to get some more sex in there. I suggested to Brian de Palma that it should the Touchables, but he’d have none of it. I even filmed a great re-enactment at the grassy knoll, but Oliver Stone cut it out of JFK cause he said it was ‘inappropriate’. As if you can make a film about Kennedy without nooky.

What about your fans (largely seniors) who are going to be mad with you? 

I don’t give a hoot! There I’ve done and said it. Why, tarnation! I like sex, always have done, always will. The bit where you get butt naked and roll around, the bit where you slow dance, the part where you put it in and pull it out again and repeat as if you can’t make up your darned mind. I like it all. Except kissing. Kissing’s slutty. 

So is this a new direction or just a one off?

One off? Ha ha ha! It sounds like… well, it doesn’t matter. No it’s a new direction. From now on every film I do will have some full frontal nudities (ladies first obviously)! And you know, lewd humour. Next up, I have film with Francis Ford Coppola which is a remake of Grumpy Old Men, but it’s gonna be me and Warren Beatty and we’re calling it Humping Old Men. Ha! And we’re gonna be having sex. And Lars Von Trier has just sent me a script.

Sizzle Beach USA Redux begins filming next month.

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