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Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has bought a large pile of sand.

Kelsey Grammer – star of the new Netflix movie Like Father – bought a large pile of sand yesterday. The Frasier star told reporters:

When I was young, we were poor. We weren’t starving or anything like that, but we never had enough money to buy large piles of sand. It wouldn’t have even occurred to us. But when the paycheck came in for my new Netflix movie Like Father, I said to Seth Rogen my co-star, ‘You know what? I’m gonna buy a large pile of sand.

The pile of sand is mainly of domestic origin, though some part of it might have come from China. It’s a naturally occurring granular material made up of finely divided rock and mineral particles. Although generally yellow, colors can vary according to the mineral composition of the sand. We asked Kelsey what he was going to use it for. 

[LAUGHS UNNECESSARILY] You know what, I guess I haven’t thought that far ahead. At the moment we have it in the yard, but at some point it’s going to rain so I guess we need to put it somewhere. Maybe the bedroom. Definitely not the kitchen.

Like Father is available on Netflix.

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