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PARIS – Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has smoked Ed Wood and Donnie Brasco actor Johnny Depp.

Who’s Smoking Johnny Depp? Apparently piratical rock legend Keith Richards. The immolation followed by inhalation took place late last night in Paris, France. An eyewitness spoke with Studio Exec this afternoon.

Johnny and Keith always get together whenever they can and they’re often kinda crazy nights. Goblets of wine are drunk, crackers with cheese are eaten and yes sometimes something is smoked. Neither Johnny nor Keith have ever made any bones about their recreational use. Well, this evening the smoke was thick in the room and Keith was rolling, let’s say. And when the sun came up, Keith realized he was on his own. All that was left of Johnny was his hat and a vague air of disappointment.

However, some are claiming that the Pirates of the Caribbean star intentionally had himself smoked to escape his legal troubles. Entertainment reporter Xavier Poulis argues:

Depp has been in trouble. His movies aren’t hitting the sweet spot. His finances are a mess. And his marriage collapsed. He knows what Keith his like. He knows never to sit in-between the Keith’s hand and the rolling papers.

Although suicide by Richards can’t be ruled out, there are some that argue that Depp hasn’t been smoked at all and this is all some elaborate joke. Those people obviously don’t know Keith Richards.

Johnny Depp’s new film a remake of Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke will be released in 2020.


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