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HOLLYWOOD – Rapper Kanye West is going to co-host the 87th Motion Picture Academy Awards, or Oscars as they prefer to be known.

Following the shock replacement of Neil Patrick Harris with the Beastmaster  earlier this week comes the news that the Beastmaster will be joined by a musical co-host, Kanye West. The Beastmaster spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec and had this to say:

We knew that Kanye was coming to the Oscars and we also know that he has a tendency to get up on the stage and dispute certain decisions. We were worrying about a way of avoiding a similar incident when I realized wait a second let’s just run with this.

So you’re going to do what?

We’re going to give Kanye a fifteen second rebuttal after every award is declared. So if Michael Keaton wins best actor he can rap something like ‘You may be the Birdman, but compared to Beyoncé, you’re the turd man!’ Or if Selma wins Best Picture, Kanye might rap ‘Martin Luther King Jr: you’re a joke! Beyoncé has done more for the black folk’.

Wow! You’re quite good at rapping.

Yeah, it’s one of my powers. That and talking to the animals. I’m a cross between Eminem, Conan the Barbarian and Doctor Doolittle.

I can’t wait for the Oscars.

Neither can I.

 The Oscars are Sunday-ish.

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  1. Kanye was born on the day my hero Fred Hampton was murdered. He did mention this in a rap. I was made glad, as Fred Hampton ought not be forgotten.
    Is Kanye West the replacement for Fred Hampton? No. However he and Kim do advance something in the society. All those girls like the black guys, and the father is turned into a woman.
    So it is interesting to see a real interracial marriage on TV, though somewhat just as unbearable as the rest of whatever Bravo, Hedonist TV sells.
    But what I thought might be appropriate would be for him to show up with a shirt on wearing flesh colored tights. Fashions are important.

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