HOLLYWOOD – A bombshell quite metaphorically exploded over Hollywood this morning, as the world woke up to the thrilling news that the blockbuster dino-franchise Jurassic World will be released sometime in June, 2015, having at some point prior to that date been (hopefully) made and will feature dinosaurs.

The film will not be directed by Steven Spielberg, but he will get a production credit, as he does with any film or television series that someone talks about while he is in the same room.
Although a cast and director, script and storyline have not so far been decided upon two things did become clear:

  1. It will make a lot of money. 
  2. It will feature dinosaurs of some description.  

Mark Protosevich has had several meetings with Steven Spielberg to flesh out story ideas. ‘We said it would be a really good idea if it made a lot of money,’ said the writer of Poseidon. ‘We didn’t put an exact figure on it, but it was clear Steven thought lots of money would be great. John Sayles had offered a story line which didn’t explicitly have anything to do with making a lot of money and although it was an interesting idea we dropped it in the end, preferring the idea of making money.’

Spielberg also insisted according to Protosevich that dinosaurs be included in the plot. ‘I did a draft, just a treatment really, where I used Rhinos, another with librarians, pebbles, small churches, really large mice, bubble wrap, olives. Steven listened patiently for like an hour, then he leaned forward and said something like “try dinosaurs”. All of a sudden the whole thing made sense. Just like that. That’s why he’s Steven Spielberg, I guess.’

Jurassic World will be released in June 2015.

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