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HOLLYWOOD – Following the high profile flop of Jupiter Ascending, few thought that a sequel was likely or desirable but a scaled down Jupiter Ascending sequel is now on the cards.

The Wachowski Sisters are to direct a sequel to last year’s Jupiter Ascending, it has been revealed, but with a much reduced budget. Mila Kunis will not return as Jupiter Jones, the Earth woman who takes on the villains, nor will Channing Tatum as the hybrid man-dog Caine Wise. They have been replaced by Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Christensen.

The Wachowskis slipped into the Studio Exec bungalow to talk EXCLUSIVELY about the new pic.

Lana said:

We really roasted the studio on the last one and there was no way in this solar system that they would put up the money to take a bath on the sequel as well. And yet we still felt that we had a story to tell. A truly compelling story.

Lilly: Yeah, there was no way they were going to help us out unless we cut the money right back. Mila and Channing were really cool about it. We showed them what we intended to do about the story and how we couldn’t afford them anymore and they seemed really happy.

Lana: True professionals.

LIlly: So then we got Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Christensen.

So they were cheaper?

Lana: $5000 each.

That’s amazingly cheap!

Lilly: We felt bad asking them for more.

Oh, they’re paying?

Lana: Er, yeah.

And the story?

Lilly: What story?

Lana: The story is a continuation, but instead of having lots of expensive effects it’s going to take place in a garage that needs tidying up.

Lilly: We do have some exteriors of lawns being mown and basic landscape gardening being done. And the style is going to be a lot more handheld.

Lana: As if filmed on a phone.

Lilly: And we’re changing the title.

Jupiter Descending will be released in 2020.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.

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    1. lol you really have to ask? if you have to ask that question youre a special kind of person

  1. Hell no I think Mila and channing should stay that’s the reason I love Jupiter ascending i dont think that it’s a good idea at all and no

    1. I actually loved the movie lol and if you change the main characters. ….not sure i will watch the next one. But hey thats just me

      1. I am getting really fed up up with the cap movies they say are great and the movies I watch over and over being considered flops. I loved this movie.

        1. I totally agree with you. I loved the movie, and there are a lot of movies that I think are great but are said to be “flops”. Obviously a lot has to do with the timing of their release and how they were marketed. I had never heard of this movie until I saw it on the “new release” section at Walmart. I’m a Sci-Fi buff so I bought it not even thinking it would be great. I’m glad they’re making a sequel, but I feel it’s a shame that the Producers are going to make what sounds like a half hearted effort.

          1. Jupiter Ascending first movie is an amazing I love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️All Actors please do not replace any of them Actors please keep them in it I want there to be another Jupiter Ascending 2 movie to be made please thank you

    2. bwahahaha! You really COULD live in your caeus8230;.srrio&#ly! After this trip, I’m telling you I could be quite happy living in the RV…as long as someone else was doing the driving!! It’s SO much easier to take care of! Love each and every one of these pictures…they are totally spectacular!!

    3. Look what happened with diary kids. My entire town boycotted it for not being the same actors. I loved the effects and everything so toning it down and changing the characters will have dire consequences unless the story is on someone else then that would be understandable.

  2. Yes, I want Mila and Channing to be in it. When I kept wishing for another Jupiter Ascending movie this isn’t what I ment.

    1. yeah me to. i cant stand lindsey lohan. i really liked the first one. watch everytime its on. i doubt i will watch second at all

  3. Its too bad this movie wasn’t a greater financial success…

    it was the best in terms of story and characters but Jupiter 2 without mila and channing….

    too bad

  4. I feel the same way others do! Please keep Mila and Channing in the next movie!! Please??? Their the reason I bought my blue ray recorder!!! Logan forget about it!! Money isn’t all !!!!!!!”

  5. Loved Jupiter Ascending and would like to see a sequel but without Mila or Channing I doubt it will work.

  6. That’s very disappointing. Wanting a sequel is to see more of their story, not some random new characters pretending to be them. I just watched Jupiter Ascending again, but will definitely not watch the new one.

  7. Oh my this is hilarious! I love Jupiter ascending. It’s a financial flop but sci-fi addicts love this movie! Jupiter descending is super hilarious

  8. Watched it again for the 10th time and still want to watch it again. So many effects to see and enjoy. Didnt like the villians, too small and quiet. 14000 year old quielty spoken didnt work for me. The rest is Awsome!!! Please continue the story….

  9. I REALLY don’t get how this movie is going to be above shit level!
    And a garage for christs sake, it is a sci fii! Not a home made thing.

    1. I agree with the masses on this thread. Jupiter Ascending is an awesome story with an abundance of visual effects to enjoy. Sure, the story line was a tiny bit messy but so what, it’s sci-fi! Just watch it for it’s main plot and all the razzle and dazzle. We get lost on small inconsequential details of character back-stories and whether or not a character’s life choice or process is entirely indicative of any realistic person. Why? These movies are works of fantastical fiction. They’re not based on true events or facts of any kind. Jupiter Ascending is great! Just focus on the feature before you and try not to make your judgement based on any form of reality. Sci-fi is a lot more fun that way, I promise you.

  10. WTF Mila and Channing will work better in the second movie like WTF . I don’t give a damn about budget cuts!!!!!!!

    1. You don’t care about the budget cuts ? Wow !! Well In then in that case we’ll do the movie for free !! I had no idea that you, some random person didn’t care about budget cuts !!!

  11. I dont understand whythe movie flopped i thought it was great and the special effects were awesome. I wanted there to be a sequel but without the same lead characters i will not go see it. Mila and Channing looked great together. I understand there has to be budget cuts but if you cant keep the original characters then why waste the money to even make a sequel at all. Cant there be some kind of compromise where you keep Mila and Channing but they take a small pay cut and get some other kind of perks in place of the cut?

  12. I really hope all these people commenting on here bummed that Mila and Channing aren’t going to be in the sequel aren’t so stupid that they don’t realize this whole article is just a big fat joke and that there isn’t going to be a sequel. Jesus, lol

    1. Lol. Did you see the one comment freaking out about the lawn mowing ?
      Idiots actually believe this.

  13. The next Jupiter Ascending should have all cast back, even those who died. They are smart and can regenerate an original bad character or good character. It was not a flop. Blame the marketing crew. The next movie should have all the great cg and more.

  14. I would like to see a sequel, I won’t watch it without the main characters coming back. Not surprising it was a flop probably in the advertising like John Carter of Mars which was a fantastic movie and I’ve been waiting for them to make a sequel

  15. How was this a flop? And you think going cheaper will make it any better? Dont even waste your time or money if you cant have the original actors,,,you wanna talk about a flop,,smdh

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  16. I love this movie and everything about it, I think the studio is making a very big mistake not paying for mila and channing to be in it.

  17. They made 18 million in box office and how many more in DVD and VOD rentals? That’s a flop? I wish I could make a flop that profits million lol.

    New movie will be a handheld camera like a cell phone? Garage? If they are calling the first one a flop wait till they release this one.

    1. Yeah that’s called sarcasm genius, and considering the first one cost 176 million to make. Yeah. That’s a flop LOL

      1. Mila will you flash your tits next movie for an extra 50 million loved u in the last one plus changing hope u are okay between magic Mike XXL Shhow this ands cocksman your very busy and hot

  18. Are u people for real?? How can u not realize wtf u are reading? Do u not understand the meaning of the words that were used in the article??

    This is comedy. Sarcasm at its finest.

    How could u think that a couple of actors (even washed up ones like Lindsay Lohan) would pay the directors $5000 for the privilege to “star” in this movie that is being filmed on a cellphone. In a garage?

    Sweet Jesus.

    Seek help

  19. I’m not even into sci-fi and I really liked this movie. Really was looking forward to a sequel, but it’s just not the same without the original cast.

  20. Dear everyone commenting. We were going to make this movie but after reading your comments have decided against it, this world is obviously too fucking stupid for this movie. Sincerely Milla Kunis and Channing Tatum.

      1. Ok, if you insist we’ve talked tbover and are going to do this film for you Angie ….. I Mila have decided to take a break from “Family Guy” and I’ve talked it over with Ashton Kutcher (my husband) and will have him and my son on set so I don’t have to be away from them. He is currently taking a break from filming his own Netflix show “The Ranch” anyway. Channing has also decided to sign on and film alongside me in between shooting the “Kingsman” sequel.
        We should start filming in the following months just for the fans in this comment thread. Good job guys, thanks to the obvious lack of ability for American citizens to understand satire were extactic, nee-jubilant to announce this.

        1. Dear Mila and Channing,
          I love the movie Jupiter Ascending and with both of you in the movie is what made it really good!!! both of you guys are wonderful actors!, I am looking forward to see you both in the part 2. With the budget cut I am not sure what you guys are making but if you are willing to do the part and “IF” this part 2 come out a big hit and knock out the box office then they should pay you and Channing for what you both greatly deserve for sure!

          Some one should advertise in Netflix, Facbook, Amazon, or what ever it takes but not everyone can afford cable but most of us do have one of the or more of the 3.

          and some one who is skilled to do a PREVIEW to do a good job to help to get this out and make this wonderful Movie a HIT!

          but this movie was the best thing with you both in it! NO ONE CAN EVER REPLACE BOTH OF YOU! what you both had on screen is something that no one can remake. You both set the bar and that bar should be still set.

          Thank you for reading this post I am your biggest Fan!

  21. I will not see Jupiter Ascending 2, if the original cast is not in the movie. I love the first movie even though it might not have done so great in the box office. And it is not right to lower the budget to keep the original cast out because of that reason, it would be better to put a little bit more money into the next movie with original cast Then is to decrease the money and have another flop movie in your opinion. Like I said before I will not spend my money on the second movie if the original cast is not in it.

  22. I love this movie and can’t understand how it was a flop, I am not into sci- fi but I am looking forward to the sequel, the original cast would be fantastic & I would be disappointed if they are not in but I will still buy this movie if they aren’t.

  23. I loved this movie the way it was. If you replace Jupiter and Cain’s characters I for one will not watch the second movie. They made the movie. I swear people now days do not know what good movies are anymore. Though I think that more people just buy or rent movies now days over going out to a movie. But that’s nuts. Replacing them will cost them money not earn them any.

  24. I love the movie and characters. I dream this movie and breathe the intense love without the love making. We need a love scene with the original Jupiter and Caine.

  25. Oh my friggin GOD. I cannot believe that all these dozens of people actually think this article was real. IT’S A JOKE PEOPLE!! A SPOOF.. THERE IS NO SEQUEL. THE ARTCLE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY. LIKE “HA HA, LINDSAY LOHAN PAYING $5000 TO STAR IN A HOME MADE MOVIE SHOT IN A GARAGE.”

    Where did you people go to school?

    No wonder Donald Trump got elected.

    Its official. As of 2017, The American population’s most valuable contribution to the universe would now be as a shipment “Abrasax Nectar”.
    PS. I think the original Jupiter movie was awesome, just not marketed properly.

      1. The proof is having an infinitesimal bit of intelligence. BTW… if you have to look up any of the words in this reply… you don’t have have it.

  26. I am surprised the movie bombed, I actually enjoyed the movie. But then again I have a unique taste. The movie was worth buying and keeping. Sadly it’s an unpopular opinion. But if their aim for the sequel is to be based in a garage, then I’m disappointed.

  27. Shit boy I’m jacked fucking hated that movie was about some dogs or something I don’t know good on them lowering the budget and getting paid by the actors useful tip Lindsay probs gave them a blowy oh wait there girls now

  28. Please keep the original cast that’s what makes so many great movies amazing. Not changing the characters up. Secondly the first Jupiter Accending was an amazing movie and I’m so ready for the second. More people are likely to buy the second if the same cast are in it. Please keep the cast the same.

    1. “More people are likely to buy the second if the same cast are in it” No one bought the FIRST ONE. A couple of Chimps have the same chance!

  29. I really like Jupiter Ascending. It is one of my favorite movies of the last few years. I watch it again every chance. Mila and Channing are terrific in it. A sequel without them would truly bomb; there would be no point to going to see it.

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  31. I liked Jupiter Ascending when I saw it on Show Time that I bought the movie and watch it still when it comes on TV as well as the DVD I purchased. I would like to see a sequel (with the same cast) to this movie. I would buy the DVD of it. I have bought almost all of the DVD’s that Mila Kunis has played in and I enjoy them very much.

  32. I think this is long overdue… the article I mean. The first Jupiter had an Oscar winner, a former stripper and an Russian. I don’t understand why it failed. I believe the problem with Jup 1, was it was written by woman. Had it been written by men, there would have been less action and more plot! Oh, and can I suggest casing Mr. Bean and Ivanka Trump for the lead roles. They have a wonderful chemistry together.

  33. Im a critic, on my perspective, and the way the characters are portrayed together with the effects was blendingly a sight to trully appreciate by sci-fi addicts. The story/ plot captured me alot wanting a sequel to what next. Movies would have borring moments but this just keeps me lit from start to finish. I happened to watch it for more than 50 times and still when I see the dvd I would watch it again. The concept tingles my imagination. Best movie yet. Never mind the flop, its what would remain in the minds of good appreciative movie watchers is what counts. So the producers and directors: its not about saving money and feel worse …………..

  34. No offense but its weird…..i loved the first movie but having different characters play the main ones from the last movie is just strange. You expect one thing then get another…idk i just dont like that idea. Ill watch it but cant promise anything. It better be good

  35. WTF!?!? Why couldnt you just continue on the ending of the last one? Why couldnt we have seen the children of jupiter and kane? Why have a total different storyline and completely off topic? This idea makes absolutely no sense to me, this is ridiculous. Its severely messed up on so many levels.

  36. I absolutely loved the movie and I am sorry to see the original cast go. They made it what it was. I have watched this movie at least a dozen times and I’m sure I will watch it again. I can’t believe it didn’t go over better than you are saying.

  37. Hmmm. I suspect that there may be a sequel of sorts. Maybe more of a multimedia production and I’m quite sure it will be filmed on phones. You see, the movie is actually about the Apocalypse and well… it seems we are just about out of time! I know that probably seems a bit bizarre but makes more sense when you understand that the Apocalypse is also a comedy. Kind of hard to get your head round with the millions of people dying – I guess that’s why only God could get away with it. This sequel will also, I think, feature a kind of “cameo” from Baby Yoda! The baby was the key missing thing in Jupiter Ascending.

  38. I don’t get why the movie bombed, I totally loved it and watched it 3 times, and will probably watch again. I think, of all the Wachowskis movies, this was one of the best, right up there with The Matrix, the first one.

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