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HOLLYWOOD – Actress and former Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore has adopted ‘actor’ waif Colin Farrell. A short ceremony took place yesterday afternoon in downtown New York followed by a Happy Meal at the Times Square MacDonalds to celebrate.

Farrell had previously been adopted by Angelina Jolie but she decided to give him up for adoption (again) because he ‘was becoming a bit of a handful.’

Ms. Moore expressed no such worries.

What people don’t realize about Colin is that he’s actually an actor. He wants to act in good films. But bad films keep happening to him, whether it’s Alexander or Miami Vice, and he cares. Every day he comes home from the premier of a new film of his, he rushes upstairs jumps onto his bed and sobs into the pillow. After Horrible Bosses he wouldn’t come down from his tree house for five days.

 Friends close to Farrell said that his deteriorating relationship with Brad Pitt had made his being part of the Pitt/Jolie family untenable. A source close to the family said:

The fact is he is a grown man, but he’s also a child, a little boy. In the same way he’s also a great actor (see In Bruges) and also an awful actor (see everything else he’s done). 

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