HOLLYWOOD – At a special Studio Exec brunch, Jonah Hill the superstar of Get Him to the Greek and (more recently) The Wolf of Wall Street, gave a spirited defense of the new Martin Scorsese film, telling critics that they can ‘just f*ck off’.

The Superbad star went on to say:

I understand that people watch this film and see two handsome movie stars, me and Leo di Caprio, indulging in bad behavior and they make the leap that we are endorsing that behavior or encouraging people to imitate us. But people who say that can just lick my b*ll s*ck clean, because I’m sick of you sanctimonious assholes taking a dump on our movie when the media was partly complicit in covering up the excess that we belatedly uncover. 

Jonah Hill then left the brunch stopping only briefly to eat an omelette with peppers and a couple of bruschettas. Representatives of the star were keen to point out that the Moneyball actor did not walk out but had to go cross town where Variety were holding another brunch and where Mr. Hill gave a watered down version of what he had previously told the shocked Studio Exec crowd, who numbered in the sevens.

The James Cameron helmed sequel The Wolves of Wall Streets is due to be released in 2015.   


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