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NEW YORK – Following his departure at The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart has revealed that he will be joining the popular Fox News show Fox & Friends.

Speculation ran rife about Jon Stewart’s future plans when the popular comedian announced that he was leaving The Daily Show. The smart money was on a new career as a film director following the critical success of his debut film “Rosewater.” And so it came as a shock to many in the liberal media establishment when it was revealed today that Jon will be joining the popular morning show Fox & Friends. He explained EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec:

I am someone who enjoys challenges and change. As host of The Daily Show, I am always surrounded by intelligent people who really care about what they are doing. So I wondered to myself—What would it be like working with a bunch of callous hacks? That’s when I got the offer from Fox. Originally the idea was to cohost a show with Bill O’Reilly, but Bill put his foot down because he gets nervous around intelligence.

Jon’s new colleagues say they are delighted to have him on board. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade spoke in robotic unison to the Studio Exec:

We are delighted to have Stewart join us on the Fox couch. As watching other channels is illegal for Fox employees, we’ve heard through the grapevine that some of his work is popular with people, and we are the people’s network, so we should all get along just fine. He’ll have to go easy on the factual stuff and the thinking-about-things habit, but other than that we think he’ll really enjoy our cooking segments and introducing our popular music guests like Pat Benatar.

In related news, incoming host Trevor Noah tweeted that ‘Jewish women are ugly #jk’.

Fox & Friends with Jon Stewart will begin broadcasting in the next few weeks.

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