Monday 16 September 2019
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STOCKHOLM – Todd Phillips’ Joker has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Prize Academy announced today that Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips’ new film Joker has won the Nobel Peace Price. Following the Golden Lion, this is the second major prize picked up by the film. Hangover director Phillips told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

This is only what we deserve. After all, our film is not just a comic book movie, it’s like Anna Karenina, or something. You know classic.

Joaquin Phoenix appeared unsure of what exactly the Nobel Prize was but nevertheless expressed his delight.

I’ve not had a fight in like three weeks, so it’s about time someone gave me a prize. No but really. This film is about the oppressed of the world. Thin white men without girlfriends who live with their mothers. And so if we can raise awareness of that problem then I think we have done our job.

A spokesperson for the Nobel Academy told the SE:

We didn’t see the film but when we saw it won the Venice prize we thought why not?

Joker is out in October.

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