HOLLYWOOD – It sounds like a stupid f*cking idea but Tim Burton is going to make a live action version of Disney classic Dumbo starring Johnny Depp as the eponymous elephant.

We had an opportunity to speak to Johnny Depp EXCLUSIVELY and this is what he had to say:

I’ve always loved the cartoon version of Dumbo and I think this is a classic Tim Burton story and a classic Johnny Depp character. Dumbo is after all an outsider who has exceptional abilities – he can fly – and I will be totally inhabiting the character. I’ve started working on my look.

Will they be using CGI?

No. Not at all. I’ll be putting on the ears! Ha ha. Seriously, though, I really don’t like that kind of trickery when it comes to performance. It’s against an actor’s integrity. My art is in my ability to physically transform myself into whatever character I please and disappear into the character so that the audience is left saying ‘Wow! Johnny Depp looks really different!’

Any other casting news in the pipeline?

It’s obvious that Helena Bonham Carter will be the gypsy in the circus, because she’s kind of married to Tim Burton and they live together and he really loves her. So that’s sweet. She’s also a great actress.

What do you say to critics who say you’ve thrown your talent away on a series of big budget extravaganzas in which you dress up rather than act?

I’m sorry, what was the question? I was too money and didn’t hear.

Dumbo will be released in 2016.


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