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HOLLYWOOD – Johnny Depp to play Timothy Claypole in big screen adaptation of Rentaghost. 

Johnny Depp is attempting to rehabilitate his reputation forcing the Amber Head trials with a new film: Rentaghost. Based on the 1970s BBC TV children’s show, Rentaghost is described by Warner Bros as ‘a supernatural comedy in the style of The Frighteners and Ghostbusters.’

The synopsis reads:

Having died in a car accident, Fred Mumford (Tom Hardy) runs the Rentaghost agency in a bid to find work for himself and fellow ghosts. Medieval mischief maker Timothy Claypole (Johnny Depp) and Hubert Davenport (Taika Waititi), a phantom from the Victorian era. Together they offer house haunting for hire and Poltergeists on demand.

‘Gadzooks!’ you might say and you’d be right. Miss Popov – a hay fever sufferer who transubstantiates whenever she sneezes – and Hazel McWitch, a Scottish weird sister are due to be played by Jennifer Lawrence and Florence Pugh respectively.

Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano will helm the picture.

Rentaghost is due out in 2023.

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