HOLLYWOOD – Character actor and long time Paul Thomas Anderson collaborator, John C. Reilly admitted today that he suffers from an almost pathological fear of beds.

‘I don’t know what it is about them,’ the forty nine year old actor said. 

Maybe, it’s the way they’re always in bedrooms. I mean that in itself is creepy. And then they just lie their waiting for you to lie on them. I mean think about it. We sleep on these things. Sleep on them! All night. And yet we know next to nothing about the darned things.

Reilly explained that he uses a hammock most nights.

A hammock is honest and sturdy. Sailors sleep on hammocks so you know you’re in safe hands. When we’re filming on location I have this hammock that usually I can set up in the hotel room, but if I can’t, if the hotel room is too small, or something, then I get them to take the bed out and I sleep on the floor. 

The Magnolia and Will Ferrell co-star denied that the fear had anything to do with his childhood where he grew up over his father’s furniture store Beds Beds Beds Beds Beds, which later burned to the ground in a mysterious fire caused probably by a child. 

I actually think when you consider the facts, that perhaps I’m the sane one to have a quite reasonable distrust of these pillow laden fiends.  

John C. Reilly will be appearing in The Lobster due out in 2015. 

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