NEW JERSEY – When rumours that Joe Pesci was to star in Ang Lee‘s film version of Paul Wilson’s Little Book of Calm were first doing the rounds, many said that it was a perfect fit (for more on that article CLICK HERE).

But it just got even better, with the veteran actor and Goodfellas star Pesci – inspired by the making of the film – publishing his own version of the best-selling anthology of fluffy inspirational wisdom.

Here are some extracts:

When feeling as if the world is on top of you, close your eyes and imagine a beautiful scene; a white beach perhaps, or a tropical island. As calm returns go outside and punch the first person you meet in the throat.

There are two ways of dealing with a tense situation: either accept the stressful contours of life or put someone’s face in a vice.

If life gives you lemons, stab it in the throat with a f*cking pen. 

When you rest you are a king surveying your own calm kingdom. Look at the peacocks on the lawn, the fish in the pond, the mounds of recently turned earth.

Try doing something different for a change; like eating an apple, rolling your sleeves up or even not garotting someone for just one day. Strangle them with your bare hands instead. Has that helped?  

Joe Pesci’s Little Book of Calm is available from all good book shops and Amazon. 

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