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NEW YORK – Last night Jimmy Fallon on his inaugural edition of the Tonight Show did not kill a bag of kittens live on air, as reported by several news outlets. 

A producer with the show explained:

Jimmy’s a very superstitious guy and once before he went on stage very early on in his career he had to drown a bag of kittens in regard to some personal matter. The show went really well and led to him being taken on by an agent. Now, before embarking on any new venture Jimmy likes to drown a bag of young kittens as a kind of … you know thing. A gesture. 

So he didn’t drown a bag of kittens live on the show?

No, that’s ridiculous. Some people were pointing at a certain point when he seemed to be struggling with something lively under the desk but that was a simple wardrobe malfunction.

No kittens were killed then?

Now I wouldn’t go that far. 

What do you mean?

As I said, Jimmy is a superstitious guy and he has this thing. I explained. So we rushed off and got him some kittens and a light canvas bag, he emptied a champagne bucket in his dressing room which Gwyneth Paltrow had sent and a bit of splashing and pitiful mewling and … well he had an excellent show.

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon will be broadcast on NBC for 3 months when it will be replaced by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


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