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HOLLYWOOD – Forbes list top 100 header and Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence came out today with a provocative argument for the alleviation of what she calls ‘the number one environmental danger: over-population’.

Talking exclusively to French cultural magazine Chapeau, the Mockingjay Part One and Winter’s Bone actress remarked:

On the one hand, there is a serious need for more and more extreme forms of entertainment and on the other I think there are far too many people in the world. If you think about it the bio-system has supported at its height a hundred million or so but now we’re talking billions. 

Mon Dieux! So you are calling for the institution of some kind of death game?

Yes. Absolutely. I mean why not? It would have to be fairly widespread. I mean, I think wars are pretty good but their too unorganised and wasteful. In stead of having a handful of large scale conflicts – I think there are about ten ongoing in which more than a thousand deaths are registered a year – we could have a huge number of death games, one in every town. Like a McDonalds or a Starbucks and you could tie them in with some popular film franchise, that way you’d encourage the young to participate. 

You mean like The Hunger Games.

I was actually thinking of Twilight. But yeah, I suppose the Hunger Games would work. 

Since the publication of the interview however, Ms. Lawrence’s publicist issued this statement. 

I am horrified to see my words taken out of context. I was talking in a purely hypothetical sense and was utterly shocked and appalled to see my words in print. I know I have caused offence to a great number of people and I wish to utterly distance myself from those words and I have already phoned Jimmy Fallon and booked a spot. When I said I wanted Death Games to be played, I meant only that people should horrifically kill each other for our entertainment and nothing more.

Mockingjay: Part One will be released in 2014.

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