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HOLLYWOOD – Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronosfky have split after a year of dating, claiming ‘irreconcilable allegorical differences’.

The Hollywood romance between American Hustle actress Jennifer Lawrence and Mother! director Darren Aronofsky is over. Their whirlwind romance lasted little over a year but many people were already struggling to find a snappy abbreviation.  Chapeau editor Xavier Poulis told the Studio Exec:

We tried DarrLaw and Jenofsky but nothing really held. I liked Dajeoflawosky but no one could say it.

The reason for the split came out of a source close to the actress who prefers to remain anonymous.

It was never going to work. Darren would always say that their relationship was really a metaphor for the creation of the world. He was God and Jennifer was the physical Cosmos. His fans were like the brainy people in the world. And hers were people who consciously eat food from buckets. Jennifer on the other hand said that their relationship was actually an analogy of America in 2017.

In that it contained a lot of anger and confusion?

In that it was fucked.

Many fans expressed fear that the Mother! sequel currently in the works, with Lawrence due to star in and Aronofsky direct will still go ahead.

Mother!! will be released in 2019.

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