HOLLYWOOD – The final Tonight Show under the twenty plus year tenure of Jay Leno ended with a Presidential visit and an all star cast (and Jack Black) serenading the host, but when the applause died down and the cameras ceased broadcasting it was discovered that Leno had handcuffed himself to the desk and swallowed the key. 

Studio heads were called in to try and talk some sense into the man, but he kept shouting ‘Blah blah blah’ whenever they tried to speak. Jimmy Fallon is understood to have been taken into protective custody following the discovery of a receipt in Leno’s dressing room, apparently for ‘1 Mafia hit – $700 Kimmel Fallon, Jimmy.’ 
Sources in NBC told the Studio Exec:

I think Jay is overreacting. Most of us assumed that Jay would be back on the Tonight Show in three months anyway, six months tops. But I don’t know. He’s hurting and angry and he’s not thinking straight. 

Some blame Oprah Winfrey for the stand off as she apparently now refuses to sing, one of the only weapons they can deploy against Leno. 

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno will broadcast on NBC. 

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