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 LONDON – Jason Statham is the new Indiana Jones.

British action star and hard man, Jason Statham is rumored to be on the brink of taking over one of the most iconic roles in cinema history – Indiana Jones – in a completely new series of films directed by George Lucas.

‘The fact of the matter is, although he was a great director, Steven dropped the ball on the last outing and so it’s time for the master to take over from the apprentice and steady the keel, so to speak,’ said the Executive Producer of Red Tails.

The new films will be set between Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark and will go back to the spirit of the original Saturday morning serials that inspired the first outings, complete with authentic misogyny, homophobia and virulent racism. Lucas commented on the Statham rumors:

Nothing has been signed or confirmed so far, but I will say Jason is the complete package. He can obviously do the action. He’s a hilarious comic actor. And once he puts those glasses on, it’s like, “Woah! Dr. Archaeologist, where did Jason go? Have you seen him?” And Jason’s like “No, George, it’s me.” Don’t get me wrong. He’s no Hayden Christensen but few can aspire to those heights.   

Indiana Jones and the Rape of Your Childhood is due to start filming in July.

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