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 LOS ANGELES – Actor Jason Bateman left many Hollywood observers struck dumb today when he announced that he would be in another film to start shooting sometime, with a script by writers.

It will be directed by someone and everyone says they’re very excited at the prospect of doing stuff together. Bateman said that so far his acting career had consisted of some so-so stuff mixed in with the occasional display of virtuoso competence, but he felt assured that the new film would be a departure for him, because it would go somewhere else different from where his other films had hitherto gone.

With a release date somewhere around then already slated, sources close to Bateman said:

Phew, I mean yeah, right. We are STOKED about this-ish.

The official plot synopsis reads:

There’s this guy and he’s an ordinary Joe and everything’s going all right but he’s in a rut – you know – and then some stuff happens, and everything changes. And it’s hilarious and you’d be surprised how hard it is to get Paul Rudd. I mean, like really hard.

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