Jared Letos Highschool Inspector

Jared Leto’s Highschool Inspector disguise is actually his costume and makeup from the new film House Of Gucci. The Oscar winning actor was found roaming school corridors, claiming to be an inspector. But when Jared Leto’s Highschool Inspector disguise was questioned further, he claimed he was ‘doing research for a book’.


Jared Leto’s Highschool Inspector Disguise “Totally Not Creepy”

Representatives for the actor advised that he was innocently doing research for a book. But when The Exec asked what the book was about, they struggled to answer. “It’s um, a book about um… HIGHSCHOOL, yeah that’s it. All perfectly innocent. It’s totally not creepy at all.”


There’s Madness In The Method

The Exec then pressed his representatives on why he was using his costume and makeup from House Of Gucci, in which he plays Paolo Gucci. “He thought it would be funny. And he was researching a part in a new film. You know what these method actors are like, they love pretending they’re someone else. They also love sneaking in and out of places undetected. So, the fact you’re questioning his research for a new role isn’t actually that cool, man.”


Didn’t You Say He Was Writing A Book?

“He can do both at the same time, if he wants to. He’s researching a role about someone who writes about being in Highschool, dressed as a middle aged man. God. What’s so difficult to understand about that? And again, it’s totally not creepy at all. It’s all completely innocent. We must stress the word ‘innocent’. We can’t say the word ‘INNOCENT’ often enough. And of course any out of court settlements that happen to be made are in no way any indication of guilt or liability. Because there’s nothing to be guilty about. Or liable for. So that’s all cleared up nicely.”


What Is The Title OF The Film Jared Is Researching?

“Oh my god! What’s that behind you? You should totally look behind you right now. You’ll never see anything like this EVER AGAIN!” Jared Leto’s representatives then jumped out of the window and ran away.



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