Jared Leto Remake Mannequin


HOLLYWOOD – Instagram model Jared Leto will star in a remake of the 80s rom-com fantasy, Mannequin.

The Dallas Buyers Club and Suicide Squad star, Jared Leto will star in the Mannequin remake. With Ron Howard to direct.

Jared, lead singer in the K-Pop band ’24 Hours From Tulsa’ has been announced as the star in Howard’s remake of the much loved 80s comedy, Mannequin. The press release from Howard’s production company, Imagine Entertainment reads as follows:

“We are delighted to announce that Ron will direct a remake of Mannequin, starring Jared Leto in the title role. Obviously, when the Mannequin comes to life we’ll be getting in another actor to do all the tricky acting stuff. But when he’s just being a mannequin, there’s nobody better. Because he can hang clothes off his shoulders better than anyone. Steve Guttenberg will play the Andrew McCarthy role, so we have the age thing about right, we don’t want it getting creepy or anything.

Ron’s been so lucky with the films he directed over the years for the studios. It’s time to give something back. So, what better way to help out everyone than to keep Jared busy and away from your favourite franchises.

Jared tried destroying Blade Runner and the DC Universe (not that they need any help fucking up that barrel of frogs). So if Ron can keep Jared busy for a few months on pre-production and the shoot, that’s good. But then he’ll make sure there’s reshoots and six months doing a worldwide press tour. By then, Ron figured he’s about square for those Da Vinci movies and that last season of Arrested Development.”

Mannequin starts shooting later this year.

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