HOLLYWOODThe Studio Exec sat down with the legendary James Spader to discuss his upcoming role as the villaneous Ultron in Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron.

James. What first attracted you to the role?

It’s a great story. I’ve never done a comic book movie and I was surprised when I was asked but he’s such an icon. I can’t wait.

How will you prepare?

I’ve been hitting the gym and lifting weights for 3 months. It’s going to be very physically demanding and I’m not a young man any more but hopefully if I cut down on the pizza and ice cream I’ll be in shape by the time the cameras role.

It’s going to be some costume. Have you had a chance to slip into it yet?

I have and let me tell you. It’s pretty hot in there and with all the running and jumping about I’m going to be doing it’s going to get even hotter but they assure me when it’s finished there is going to be plenty of ventilation.

What do you think of Joss Whedon; are you a fan of his previous movies?

Er. Sure I like Joss. He’s very talented. I’ve never met him personally but I’d love to work with him someday.

You haven’t met Joss yet?

No. I know everybody thinks people in Hollywood hang around at the same parties but that just isn’t true.

But surely you must have discussed the role with Joss?

Why? I mean I’m sure he knows his stuff but I talked it over with Zack Synder and he gave me everything I needed to know.

Zack Synder?

Yeah. The director Zack Synder. I’m not going to agree to do a movie without going over it with him first.

But Zack Synder isn’t directing Joss Whedon?

Look I think I know who the director is.

Zack Synder is directing Superman Vs Batman not the Avengers.

Who said anything about the Avengers?

You’re playing Ultron in The Avengers.

No I’m not I’m playing Batman.

Ben Affleck got the Batman gig.

WHAT? But I did the audition and my agent called me and said “You’re going to be in the biggest comic book movie of all time”. I assumed he meant Batman Vs Superman. Who the hell is Ultron?

He’s an evil robot.

Ooh, you mean the voice over thing I did a few months back. I thought that was for a Japanese commercial or something.


Aw Christ. Is he a kinky evil Robot? You know with a foot fetish or something. I could live with that.

I don’t think so.

Does he engage in any dubious sexual activity at all?

It’s a kids film.

Well screw that, I’m saying no. Anyway I’m having my genitals scrubbed with a wire brush in half an hour so this interview is terminated.

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