Saturday 31 October 2020
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HOLLYWOOD – The eagerly awaited movie version of the gaming sensation Fortnite is due to roll into production in early 2019 after James Gunn signed up to direct.


The Studio Exec sat down with Gunn to discuss the upcoming movie.

Mr Gunn. Why Fortnite?

Well it’s a no brainer. It’s massively popular, there’s a huge audience and more importantly, I need to pay the rent.

Surely you can’t be short of cash?

I bought an Island in the Pacific a couple of days before they fired me from Guardians of the Galaxy and now I’ve been forced to sell the natives into slavery just to keep up my payments to the bank. It’s unfortunate, but what can I do? F*cking Disney.

What can you tell us about the Fortnite script?

It’s probably the fastest script I’ve ever written. Basically, there’s a guy called Star Chief who forms a gang and they fly around the galaxy getting into adventures. They meet this guy called Adam Morlock and…

Isn’t that the plot of Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

No, the Guardians 3 script had characters called Star Lord and Adam Warlock, who are owned by Disney so I wouldn’t ‘legally’ be able to use those characters.

So you haven’t just changed the names of the characters in your script for Guardians 3 and retitled it Fortnite: The Movie?

You might very well think that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Have you ever played Fortnite?


Then how do you think the fans will react when they come to see a movie based on the game and it’s Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

If that was the case, and I’m not saying it is, I figure they’d just be happy to see Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and nobody would complain.


Good point. Thanks Mr Gunn.

Hey. While you’re here, I’m thinking about getting back on twitter and I just wanted to run my opening line by you.

No problem.

Cool. Here goes. So, hey. Is it considered molestation if the child makes the first move?



Fortnite: Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is due for release in 2020.

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