PALO ALTO – James Franco, as well as being an actor, an artist, a poet, an actor, a director, a mountaineer of the soul, a pot-holer of the Zeitgeist and an actor, is also now a novelist.

The Studio Exec have got an exclusive extract of his new book, Actor’s Anonymous.

I am an actor. I am in you. Everybody is in me. You don’t believe me? Don’t believe me. I have more money than you. Look at my friends. They have more money than you. 

I am Jack Nicholson. I am Al Pacino. I am Marlon Brando. I am Adam Sandler. Wait, maybe not Adam Sandler. 

If you are a movie actor, expect people to treat you like a fool. An intelligent prop. People will think you are the role that you play. If you smoke pot, you’re a stoner. If you kiss a dude, you’re (pffff) gay. If you try and kill Spider-man, that’s the end of your career. (Ha, ha!) No, but really it is.

Tell me what accent to use. Tell me what costume to where. I’ll read whatever you put in front of me. But I won’t understand it much. Nor enjoy it. I used to care how I look. I don’t care so much any more. Maybe it’s because I’m so James Franco.  

Actor’s Anonymous is released on the 15th of October, 2013.  

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