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HOLLYWOOD – Stand out Alien: Covenant star James Franco is in talks to return in a possible sequel.

Alien: Covenant has its problems. However, everyone believes that James Franco stood out as the best thing in it. Good news. It looks like he will be back for the sequel. James came round to the Studio Exec bungalow to discuss a possible follow up.

I was so happy to play a small role in Alien. I’ve loved the franchise my whole life so it was a dream come true to be there. Ridley Scott and I talked for hours about the role. Even though I don’t play a major part we worked out this back story and all these ideas. Now with the great reviews coming in, we got on the phone and started talking how to bring Captain Branson back.

So this will be a prequel?

No. Ridley talked me out of that idea. He’s done prequels already and he didn’t have a happy experience. No, this is going to follow on directly from Alien: Covenant.

But didn’t Captain Branson die?

What do you actually see though? Is it possible that was a hologram? Is it possible that Branson was actually a synthetic and another copy of him is lurking on board?

Wow. Is that the way this is going?

I don’t know. Just saying, these are all possibilities.

Alien: Branson’s Pickle will be released in 2018.

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