mission impossible: rogue nation

HOLLYWOOD – Tom Cruise’s new movie Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation has just received a new trailer, but new TV host James Corden took the poster to task for ‘lame punctuation’.

James Corden, who wrote the book Eats Shoots and Leaves, used the press conference about his new role as presenter of The Late Late Show to attack Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation:

Mission: Impossible has given us high octane adventure again and again, with likeable Scientologist Tom Cruise. It’s an American James Bond but not as good as James Bond, obviously. But when I saw the new trailer for the fifth instalment, I’m not ashamed to say I was so angry I had to take a big sh*t. Mission colon Impossible and then Rogue Nation, but with no punctuation. So the name of the mission is Impossible Rogue Nation, is it? Is that how we’re supposed to read it? It makes no sense!

How do you feel about taking over the hosting duties from Craig Ferguson?

I know having two colons looks anatomically awkward. Mission colon Impossible colon Rogue Nation doesn’t look great. But there are alternatives. We could have had a semi-colon for instance.

How do you feel being a British presenter in the wake of Piers Morgan’s failure in taking over from Larry King?

Or what about the exclamation mark? I mean this is an exciting movie so why not have some shouty action filled punctuation, hmmm?

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation will be released in 2016.

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