Hello. I’m James Cameron. Yes THE James Cameron. Take a moment to compose yourself. 

I’ve created worlds of wonder for your imaginations, I’ve given you high octane thrills and I’ve pushed myself to the limits of creation. But there’s one journey I was not prepared for. 


I regret to inform you that yesterday, at lunch, after not much consideration, I picked up the USB stick containing Sam Worthington and I just straight up snapped that f*cker. And I liked it.

Wow James! You’re now saying to yourself. How could you be so careless? Snapping the digital storage device that contains the lead actor of your multi-million dollar franchise! To which I reply: I’m James Cameron! The harbinger of excitement, the Baron of BOOM! You think I got where I was today without taking risks? You think I haven’t tried every fringe experience known to man? Let me say it one more time so you get it…I’M JAMES F*CKING CAMERON.

I didn’t plan it. I have nothing against that little plastic rectangle that I occasionally pop into my laptop. It was sitting there doing nothing, waiting on instruction and I just picked it up and split it with my mighty hands. To feel that power, to hold that possibility in my hands and take the final step…it was exhilarating, I’m not suggesting you try it. Not everyone is James Cameron.

So of course now there’s the fall out. I’ve been sharing the Sam Worthington USB stick with other film makers for the last few years and I don’t expect them to share my ecstasy, to feel the freeing rush of my homicidal epiphany. But I do these things to push the limits know what I mean? 
Someone has to go first. There’s a front line in every worthwhile endeavor
This front line is called James Cameron. 

So what’s next? Well, as I type this, I hold an external hard drive that contains the entire cast, crew and worlds of the Avatar  sequels, an entire ‘culture’ I brought into being just to entertain you for a few hours. Years of my life, thousands of man hours, millions of souls. I’m trembling, I’m hard.

Hell, days like this I realise, I really am James Cameron.
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