HOLLYWOOD – Jake Gyllenhaal revealed today that his preparations for Southpaw also involved gaining sixteen pounds of brain damage.

When you see Jake Gyllenhaal in his new boxing drama Southpaw, you’ll be amazed at his physical transformation which saw the actor gain pounds and build muscle to take on the role of Billy ‘The Great’ Hope, a middle weight boxer in search of redemption in Anthony Fuqua’s drama. However, what you might not know is that the Brokeback Mountain actor also got himself brain damage in order to get closer to the reality of boxing.

Jake spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec to explain his preparation:

Everyone is going to concentrate on the body and how hard I trained, like Robert de Niro for Raging Bull. They’re going to say I’m like Robert de Niro, I know that. But the reality of boxing isn’t just looking ripped. It’s also about being hit in the head so that the brain sloshes about in the skull like a blancmange in cement mixer. And it takes a quite a bit of damage so that the words in the right order come don’t. And so I do that as well. Which de Niro didn’t do.

How did you get the brain damage?

I just let people hit me in the head for hours at a time. And hey presto! the MRI showed the degree of damage that was done.

And how will you return back to normal?

Where’s normal?

Southpaw is on general release.

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