A fabulous opening sniper scene but nobody knows what film they are supposed to be in. Cruise thinks it’s Mission Impossible. Werner Herzog has come dressed as a bond villain and Rosamond Pike is channelling Barbara Windsor in Carry on Camping.

Cruise investigates a shooting. Pike shows some cleavage.
Cruise beats up some henchman. Pike shows some cleavage.
Cruise gets wrongly accused of murder. Pike ties tassels to her nipples and does a handstand with no knickers on.

Herzog’s mad Russian with a fondness for biting off fingers seems a little excessive when you discover he’s little more than a dubious estate agent. Robert Duvall plays the same grizzled sidekick role as he has for the last ten years to pay for his HBO subscription.

By the end you don’t really care what the bad guys’ motive was which is lucky because McQuarrie forgets to tell you. Tiny Tom might be miscast but it’s the script that needs a wooden box to stand on and as it was co-written by the original author Lee Child, foaming fan boys should be posting dog turds through his letter box rather than Cruise’s.

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