jabba the hutt

HOLLYWOOD – Social media was in shock this morning after Jabba the Hut was accused of sex crimes.

The Studio Exec caught up with Jabba to discuss the allegations.

Jabba. How could you?

Jabba innocent.

Don’t lie, Jabba. Two sand people and a wookie have come forward to say you acted inappropriately during a party. That can’t be a coincidence.

Jabba doesn’t know these people.

Oh yeah? And what about Princess Leia, Jabba. We’ve got photos and video footage of you with her chained up being forced to wear a gold bikini. They’re all over the internet. How do you explain that?

Jabba old. Not remember.

Not remember ? Bullshit. The rebels have searched your hard drive. They’ve found those pictures of Jawas. You’re going to prison, Jabba.

Jabba want to speak to his lawyer.

Netflix has cancelled Jabba’s upcoming stand up special.


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