HOLLYWOOD – From the producers of Autocorrect: The Movie and Hastag: The Movie, So This Happened Films has green lit Ironic Hipster Yolo Emoji: The Movie.
Music producer Will I Am is on board as a creative consultant and spoke to us about the forthcoming project.

It’s gonna be off da hook fo’real shamone. It’s a tale as old as time but it’s now, so now, but, like, it ain’t even happened yet?

Can you give us any details of the actual plot?

Talent show, present day, dude hits the stage like BOOOM and he’s just raw like yo’mamma’s steak holmes. But like then the music drops and we all like, he’s taking this to the NEXT LEVEL, but there’s a twist.

Ok, tell me.

Sugar, he takes it to the next level without even owning the stage! Right? Say wha? And everybody like shiiiiiiiiit! But surely he on point right? Nuh’uh, he ain’t on point, don’t bring it home or make the song his own! 

WOW! he isn’t ‘on point’ doesn’t ‘make the song his own’, doesn’t ‘own the stage’…how can this be?

Talkin’ bout some dark mojo up in here! so then it just goes wild. Make sure you tweet about this shizzle.

 UPDATE: This movie has since been cancelled as ‘test audience demographic surveys’ revealed that no-one had a clue ‘what anyone was talking about anymore and can’t we just go home now please’

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