Sir Edwin has kindly offered to waive his usual fee to appear on Inside The Actor’s Studio. While he waits to hear back from the producers here are some more of his tips on how to become a screen legend without anyone even noticing.

5 Awards
Once you’ve been acting for a while someone will want to give you an award for it. 

The only problem is that there are more actors than there are awards, so they dangle the carrot by giving you what is called a ‘nomination’ first. Basically you, the man who plays the blind fellow, the chap who’s usually quite funny but isn’t in this one, and some other old queen all get nominated for the award. You roll up to the bash in your best bib and tucker, then the prize is given to whoever was in the film that was based on a true story. The ceremony itself goes on for hours, but there is a free bar afterwards.

6 Cameos
If you’re too busy to be in an entire movie, offer to do a cameo instead. This means you only have to film one or two scenes and you should be finished by the time the bar opens.  It may not get you the billing that you’re used to, but they’ll try and make up for it by putting ‘and’ or ‘with’ in front of your name. The director will still want to get his money’s worth from you, so he’ll encourage you to show off a bit, and you can always help out by doing a funny voice. Whenever I’ve got to do a cameo I like to imagine that I’m Mickey Rooney in Breakfast At Tiffany’s: it never fails!
7 Glasses
As a young man I never wore glasses, but when I was cast as short-sighted Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope in Hardback Harry I had to get used to them quite quickly! It was Jimmy Durante who showed me how to operate them.
Basically you have to balance the glasses on your nose with the lens in front of your eyes. There are two hooks that you can put over your ears to help keep them on, but be very careful! One false move and you can have a very nasty accident: just ask Sammy Davis Jnr. Nowadays I have to wear glasses all the time, but only ever seem to get cast as characters who have perfect 20/20 vision! As soon as I take them off I start bumping into the set, which is why I now like to play people who sit down a lot. Dr Stangelove or Born On The 4th Of July would’ve been ideal for me. When Raymond Burr died I was hoping to take over as Ironside, but the suit was too big.
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