HOLLYWOOD- Andrew Dominik has confirmed that he has written a sequel to his acclaimed crime flick Chopper and plans to start the cameras rolling in spring 2014.

“I think the world wants to know what became of Uncle Chop Chop,” said a jovial Dominik.

I also think the world wants to know what the hell became of Eric Bana. For a while there, everyone thought he’d be the next big thing but he’s pissed it all away on crappy Rom-Coms and crappier thrillers. I saw him last week and my first words to him were “Have you gone retarded mate?” but he blamed it all on his agent. I said ” Well strewth Bana. I know she has a hot arse but I think it’s time you fired the useless bitch”. It wasn’t until he started crying that I remembered his wife was his agent.

Domnik went on to say that he has plans for the character of Chopper beyond the sequel:

Well this one is basically Crocodile Dundee. It’s practically the same storyline but with a remarkable increase in violence. We’re calling it Chopper Takes Manhattan and there’s a great tribute to King Kong at the climax when Chops climbs the Empire State Building and fends off the entire American Air force. If that does well; and there’s no bloody reason why it wouldn’t, then we’ll follow it up with Chopper in Love,Chopper goes Camping, Chopper Vs Frankenstein and The Unbearable Lightness of Being Chopper.

Chopper Takes Manhattanis due for release in 2015.
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